Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Amazing Lace update

Just a quick, pictureless post - I have been cranking out the rows on the Lacy Lattice stole since I finished Tempting II last week. Last night I finished the 18th repeat of the Cables Chart. BIG milestone there! Yes, I was up past midnight, but I knew I couldn't sleep unless I got to that point. Now I'm ready for the pattern division section, then will start the Lattice Chart (67 rows total). Then another pattern division section, THEN I can do the edging! Where is the stole on the percentage complete scale? 69.73% Complete - Big change from the 39.78% from last week. (I already warned you I was a nerd.) Can I finish by Labor Day? One possible stumbling block - the final ball of Baby Kid Mohair is buried in a plastic box beneath / behind big piles 'o crap in my sewing room.... updates will follow.

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