Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I am here, I promise. There has been way too much going on in the last week to blogged... well, I could have blogged, but they would have been pictureless, as this post is. And isn't a blog with pictures much more fun? Well, I will do pictures soon, I promise.

What's been going on? Well, I did the Magic School Bus Tour on Saturday, and I was exhausted! Lots of quilty purchases, lots of knitting on the bus and on the car ride to Stillwater and back, as well as the night before. Since then, we've been doing a major cleanup of the house in preparation for Sweetpea's two first birthday parties this coming weekend. One for family and one for friends. Way too many people for one big party. Also, we borrowed a DVD burner from some friends who are on vacation this week, and are making copies of some stuff on our faux TiVo. Most of my stuff is quilty, while BHE has a lot of car related shows. We have to pretty much be in the room while it is copying so we can edit out the commercials, etc. Also, I mostly cleaned out our guest room in case a friend who is about to file for divorce needs a place to stay. On a related note, my sewing room is now T-R-A-S-H-E-D.

Knitting progress?
  • As of Monday night, Tempting II was ready to cast on for the sleeves. Can it be just last week I frogged the entire thing and started over?
  • I knit a couple of rows on the second Fair Isle sock yesterday.
  • I've worked all but the last six rows of Chart four for the Mystery Stole II - that's one side only. I've decided to wait until all six charts are complete on one side before doing the second side.
  • Lacy Lattice - Ten pattern repeats completed of the second chart! (Eight more to go.)
  • KSKS - I have the yarn, technique book with patterns, needles, and accessories ready. I still need to do the bag, and get some chocolate goodies.

Stitch group tonight, so if I have time I'll go home first and get the camera :)

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