Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where does the time go?

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post! I also can't believe it's almost fall either.

I've been bus, crafty wise :) I finished charts 5 and 6 of the Mystery Stole 2, and am partway through the edging. I had to rip the edging back once already because I did the knitted-on cast on wrong, but have since made up for all I ripped out. I am also finishing up on Tempting II. I started the neckband, but it looks like its going to be too floppy, so I need to rip it back and am considering doing the last couple of rows before the neckband on smaller needles along with the neckband.

Nothing new on Lacy Lattice - I'm trying to power through Tempting II and the Mystery Stole 2, and then will focus all my knitting attention on the Amazing Lace.

I've been making Leetle Bags. They make great gifts, and I've found that if you fudge on the size you cut a little bit, you can get two bags out of two fat quarters! I made one out of leopard print fabric and shipped it off with some yarn I dyed to somewhat match to Tahlia, who is my Project Spectrum yarn swap buddy for August. Everyone send her good wishes - she had knee surgery yesterday. Get well soon Tahlia, and happy sock knitting while you're off your feet! I liked the bag I made for Tahlia so much, I made another for myself, and liked the yarn so much, I dyed two more skeins a few nights later (pictures soon, I promise). One skein is for myself, and I think I might send the other off as a surprise thank you to a certain knitting blogger who inspired my to start my blog!

I am also finishing up the bag for my KSKS pal (last minute, I know, but I work very well under pressure ;) ).

Can anyone give me some photography tips? I usually take my pictures in the kitchen where our brightest lights are, but lately my photos have sort of a yellow tint to them, especially the yarn in my Etsy shop. The last two skeins don't have any orange / peach in them at all, yet there it is in the photo!


Peacock said...

Indoor lighting can really influence the camera's view of color. Incandescent lights add an orange hue, flourescent lights add a blue hue.

Fortunately this works to our benefit! You can help color-balance your studio by using a balanced lighting system with both incandescent and flourescent and get a quite nearly "natural" "full-spectrum" lighting effect.

For your kitchen, try getting a small plug-in flourescent light from the hardware store and see if it helps color-balance your images. You might have to play around with spacing and angle a bit before you get a feel for the -right- effect.

Natural light (outdoors) can also help get the colors to turn out truer, but it often ends up washing things out (sunlight too bright), causing glare, etc. --try putting up a white sheet as a lean-to/diffuser to help soften the light and cut the glare.

It can also be helpful to find a couple of neutral grey backdrops to give your camera something to inform it's sense of what it's being asked to "see".

Hope these tips help!

Penny said...

Thank you for your tips! I'm going to go take pictures outside and see if that makes a difference, and if that doesn't produce more realistic colors, I'll pick up a flourescent light this weekend!