Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow! I've had nine days off, and while it was nice, I'm was fighting a cold most of it, and am ready to get myself and my family back into our usual routine.

While I was off, I got quite a bit done (although not as much as I planned -I always plan more than I can do!) I finished a scarf for my dad. This is Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (had to be machine washable & dryable for my dad), and the pattern is six rows of K2, P2, then six rows of P2, K2. I also made him a hat, same yarn, with a knitted on facing. Very simple & masculine. He got the hat for Christmas, and the scarf a few days later when I finished it.

I also cut my first armhole steek on the Fair Isle Cardigan. This was also the first time I have ever cut my knitting, on purpose or by accident. I wasn't nearly as anxious about it as I thought I would be! This is a picture of the cut armhole, there are more pictures and an explanation here.

Last week, three of my four LYS had year end sales, and I bought something at all three. Loops was the first one open, the day after Christmas, and I bought seven skeins each of a beautiful blue heather Cascade 220 and ivory Cascade 220. Loops has so much yarn it can be a little overwhelming, but they also have a great playroom for the kids.

Two days later, Naturally Needlepoint & Knitting opened, and I bought 9 skeins of Silky Wool in a beautiful deep purple and 2 skeins of black Koigu. (Yikes, the stash is growing!)

And then I made it to Fringe, and filled in the blanks on my growing Interweave Knits collection, and also bought 2 balls of Cascade Fixation in a lime, violet, and white colorway. Fringe is a great shop, and made me wish I worked downtown again so I could go knit there at lunch. It's in a great old building with high ceilings, and is the store I feel most at home in. Stephanie also has a few skeins of my hand painted sock yarn for sale in her shop :)

I had plans to make it back to all three with more specific shopping lists, but unfortunately, the cold knocked me on my butt! I'm feeling better now though, and cast on for a new project yesterday. Details on that tomorrow!


Polly said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR and no I am not ready to go back you sick sick person!

Jeanne said...

The Fair Isle Cardigan looks great - I have the yarn to make this, but haven't cast on yet. Nice yarn enhancement!

Procrastiknitter said...

Happy New Year Penny!Wow you have been a busy girl! It looks great! I must have just missed you at Fringe. I was there later that day. Glad you are feeling better!