Friday, April 06, 2007

More Progress on Ariann

Catchy title isn't it? That's all I could come up with given my drug ridden state. Yes, I've been sidelined once again, this time with killer allergies. Sinus congestion that won't be knocked down, and yet, my mouth and throat are dry as a bone from all the decongestants I've been popping.

Anyway, I've finished both sleeves on Ariann, and have joined them to the body. Now it seems to be going really slowly, I'm not sure whether to blame the 300+ stitches on the needles, or the medication (I've fallen asleep mid-row for the last two nights).

My work schedule is still full swing, as I am deep in tax season. I figure I can not breathe at work as well as I can not breathe at home, right?
Edited to add: That really sounds confusing doesn't it? What I meant to say was, my head is stuffed up no matter what I do or where I am. I'm drowsy from the drugs, but can't sleep well since I can't breathe very well. So I might as well suffer at work!

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