Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We have a problem

Hello, my name is Penny, and I am a knitting shopaholic....

Boy, when I jump off the wagon, I do it in a big way. I ordered yarn for the three projects I blogged about last time, plus I found a source for the Kauni yarn - In Denmark, so I still had to pay the shipping, but she had it in stock, where most shops are starting to run out. I also ordered some Calmer for Morrigan from No Sheep for You, and I'm really, really tempted by the Tulip Baby Cardigan. That Harlot does find the most irresistible knits, doesn't she?

So, the orders are starting to roll in, so here are the first two:

I'm on the road to becoming a Loopy Groupie. I placed my first order with The Loopy Ewe last Friday evening, and it was in my mailbox Monday when I got home from work! I ordered two skeins of Panda Cotton in the Baby Blues colorway (super soft yarn!). I don't have any plans for this at the moment, but am mulling around several. Maybe a lacy patterned sock, something summery. I also ordered a silver shawl pin from Designs by Romi. I need something to keep my shawls and stoles in place, otherwise I'm always fidgeting with them, and so I find myself not wearing them. I've had my eye on this pin for a long time, and finally broke down and bought it!

My next order arrived today! This is Artyarn Regal Silk, ordered from late Saturday night! This was my first order with this company as well, and I will definitely shop with them again. The prices are super, and the more you spend, the bigger discounts you get. You can get an extra discount by signing up for their newsletter! The yarn is delicious and gorgeous, and it makes my mouth water! This is for the SKC knitalong starting July 1st, for Annie Modesitt's Red Carpet Convertible. I'm knitting the corset length, and can't wait to cast on!! I'll probably swatch in the next day or two.

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