Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My yarn came for the Tilted Duster! I love, love, love the color! This is Berroco Peruvia and the color is Acquamarina - that's not a typo! I am locking it up and hiding the key, however. I am forcing myself to finish the Sailor Collar Cardigan first, I'm not even allowing myself to swatch, because I know where that will lead!

Speaking of the cardi, I have finished the back and the left front, and am a few inches into the right front (no pictures to show). Then comes the sleeves, of course. After that, the collar, and then miles of edging before it is all seamed together. I hope to finish it in the next two weeks (although I'm sure that's not realistic), as I am going on a road trip and the miles of stockinette and ribbing in the Tilted Duster will help the miles pass quickly!

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