Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More and More

It seems like all I ever post about is my secret pal. Well, that's because every time I turn around, I have another package to open! She truly has spoiled me today. Check out this gorgeous lace weight yarn she dyed! This picture does not do it justice, I'll try to get a better shot in the daylight. I honestly gasped when I opened the package, it is that beautiful. Whatever I make with this will be very special indeed. Maybe something from Victorian Lace Today....

Along with this package I got in the mail today, I was supposed to open the package I received a couple of weeks ago labeled "Local Treats." I think she's from Scotland! This packet had a package of Highland Fudge, a booklet of Scottish recipes, a little bar of vegetable soap in the Heather scent, and a tea towel with all sorts of Scottish words! They are printed on the towel dictionary style, with the pronunciation and definition. I love all of it! I haven't tried the fudge yet - it's late here, and if I have chocolate this late at night, I'll either have some really wild dreams, or be up half the night. I also can't wait to try the soap! Thank you again, Secret Pal!

I had stitch group tonight, and cast on for yet another new project. Details to follow in my next post!


Minnie~Knits said...

my prediction is: you will go through serious secret pal gifty withdrawal when this is all said and done!

tj said...

:-) ENJOY!!!