Monday, October 15, 2007

Thanks Again, Secret Pal!

Today is October 15th, and I get to open another package from my Secret Pal!

Check it out - this is 100% wool roving, loosely plied with a strand of cotton. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what it becomes! The photo is pretty accurate, burgundies, berries, a little orange and brown, and a nice bit of teal. It just speaks of autumn! My roving stash is really starting to grow, I'm going to have to get busy! SP11, I love the colors! Did you dye it yourself?

Also, look at the package I received last week! Actually these are the contents of the package. I am being incredibly patient, and not opening the packages I was instructed to wait until specific dates to open - in my opinion, that's part of the fun! I did open the undated packages, and found an activity folder for the kids (I'm saving it for a day when we really need a cool surprise!), some packets of shampoo and a facial mask, chocolates and biscuits, a great journal with a dragonfly on the cover, and some cool postcard sized monthly calendars with sheep on the front! The still-wrapped packages are labeled surprises #7, 8, and 9, and are dated on when I can open them. They did arrive before surprises #5 and 6. (I hope I haven't lost count - its late, I'm tired, and it's getting a little confusing! There was one dated October 15, but I'm not sure if I should open it now, or wait for packets 5 and 6 to show up....SP11, what should I do?

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tj said...

I'm glad you like the surprise, I was a little worried about the roving because it came out differently from what I had planned! It should draft easily for drop spindling or on a wheel.

I'm sorry if its all a little confusing ... hey I even confused myself! ... but yes open the surprise date 15th Oct. I'll email later. Have fun!