Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I got sidelined by some sort of nasty cold or allergies (still not at the top of my game, but at least its not the flu), so this Halloween photo is a little late. I still wanted to post it, since I mentioned the costumes a couple of weeks ago. If it's not obvious, Monkeyboy is Luke Skywalker, and Sweetpea is Minnie Mouse. I made Monkeyboy's shirt from a child's pattern for a karate uniform (I can get the pattern number if any one's interested), and he wore a t-shirt underneath and khakis.

Sweetpea's dress was sort of made on the fly, using a toddler dress pattern as a guideline. I changed the sleeves, made the bodice a few inches longer, the skirt a few inches shorter, and added a ruffled underskirt to make the top skirt pouf out more. The Minnie Mouse hat was a hand me down from someone, I think it came from Disneyland or Disneyworld probably. She is also wearing black tights and black dress shoes. They had a great time trick-or-treating, and she really played the cute card to get more candy. Who knew a 2 year old could be so cunning? She figured it out pretty quickly.


Robin said...

Wow! Nice job with the costumes - very cute!

Minnie~Knits said...

adorable costumes! and the kids are pretty darn cute too :-)