Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have the best Secret Pal, EVER!!

Check it out! I received the final package from my Secret Pal, and also opened the "Surprise #9" package. Everything with the exception of the yarn was in package #9. There is a nifty little bag with cute beaded flowers on the outside. Jen mentioned the possibility of using the bag for my dpns, since I don't have a place to store them currently, but I think I might use it as a notion bag so I can carry it in my knitting bag and see it all the time! She also sent a big bar of Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate with Orange and Spices - YUM! Also some Chocolate Truffle coffee from Whittard of Chelsea - I can't wait to try this :) ALSO, some cute heart stickers, some butterfly and dragonfly tacks. Actually I can't think of what these are called right now, they aren't thumbtacks, but are metal with two prongs on the back that you bend in opposite directions to hold papers together. I'm thinking about seeing if I can use them as thumbtacks though - My company is moving in 3 weeks, and I'll have a cubicle, so I think these would be great to personalize my space. Oh! See that little gray, DPNlooking thing? That is a stitch holder, and I've never seen one like it before! The long skinny parts, one of them is a spring, and the other is rigid, like a knitting needle. The cap slips off one end, and you slip your stitches on to hold them.

Finally!!! They yarn you see? It is Wollmeise!!!! I never dreamed I would be able to find any here, with all the current demand for it! The color is Tiefer See, which is about half and half deep dark blues and greens. I LOVE IT!!!!

My pal is Jen of PurpleJenKnits and I look forward to getting to know her better, now that I know who she is. Go check out Thistle on her blog, it's a beautiful lace shawl she just finished in a gorgeous shade of purple (of course)!

Jen, thank you so much - You've truly spoiled me, and I absolutly love everything you sent!

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