Monday, January 28, 2008


Whose looking forward to Lost this week? I double checked my DVR settings as soon as it rolled on the the schedule!

In knitterly news, I finished one Soxx Appeal sock (have I blogged about this? I don't remember...), and had about 10 grams left over, so I cast on for a tiny little sock for Sweetpea. If I have enough, she'll get a pair of socks too; if not, I may knit mine a little taller (toe-up, don't ya know).

In still other news, I got a new camera! I've been too busy with work (bringing work home in the evenings) to play with it and figure out the menus and features, but hopefully I'll have time soon, and hopefully I can improve on my sadly lacking photography skills!

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Ilix said...

Socks, sounds like a cute idea to get a second wee set in there!