Monday, March 10, 2008


This is our puppy-dog Chloe, although at seven years old (in human years) she isn't a puppy anymore. She is part Jack Russel, part Pointer, part Beagle. She does "point" and patrols our back yard for any intruders, mainly of the squirrel variety. They do torment her, pelting her with acorns from the trees above. And I swear, they do throw them at her, because the hit the ground harder than if they were just falling! When one dares to come out of the tree and down to the ground she stalks it, with every muscle in her body quivering.

This morning as I was getting ready to leave the house, I noticed her trotting around the yard with something in her mouth. At first glance it looked like a bunch of dead leaves, but I knew that wasn't right. I looked again, and it looked like a rat, which she has caught and killed before in our back yard - GROSS!

I went out to make her drop it before she made herself sick, and on closer inspection found it wasn't a rat, but a small squirrel. Not a baby, but not a full grown one either. More of a teenage squirrel. It made me a little sad because they are so cute, but happy for her because she finally caught one.

Actually I think this might be her second, or even her third. I remember my husband catching her a couple of years ago tossing one up in the air like a rag doll. Hope I haven't grossed anyone out this morning. I did save you from having to view a picture ;)
Update: I called BHE to tell him about the squirrel, and he went by the house at lunch. Apparently, the squirrel was either just pretending to be dead or made a speedy recovery, or it's little squirrel friends had a quick funeral. BHE wasn't surprised, he said Chloe's caught things before and just carried them around in her mouth. I had forgotten about the time she brought a live baby bird in the house (through her pet door). We heard the most horrific screeching from the mother bird outside. BHE got some paper towels and put the baby bird outside and then blocked the pet door. Within a few hours the little bird had learned to fly and escaped from our yard. I just hope she doesn't try to bring a squirrel inside the house.


Jennifer said...

What a cutie! But, eww on the "offerings." BTW, did the stitch marker bookmark make it to you?

Dorie said...

Chloe is really cute! We used to have a JRterrier, and living in the country, I just had to accept that she was a little hunter and was going to bring me icky "presents" now and then. Yucky, but it's what they were bred to do.