Monday, April 21, 2008

Heels, Muscles, and Punk Rock Girl

Check out the heel on my current WIP! This is actually the second sock, so I hope to finish soon. This is Paddy's Lucky Clover Socks from Robyn's Nest March sock club kit. The yarn was dyed by Shelby B, who was my downstream pal in Secret Pal 9, and the pattern designer is Angela Dominey. This is the best picture I could get of the heel, under late night circumstances, but I think it's really pretty. It's basically an Eye of Partridge heel, but the yarn in held in front of the slipped stitches instead of the back. The photos on the pattern didn't really do it justice either, so I was really happy to see the way the color and texture popped as it was being formed :).
In other news, I joined a gym. Actually it's a very nice facility, one of the nicest in my town, and is affiliated with one of the hospitals. I won the membership at a charity auction a few months back, and finally bit the bullet last week. The gave me a stress, strength, and flexibility tests, an EKG, checked my cholesterol, etc. I met with my trainer (included in the membership!!) last week for the results, and for my first training session. It was brutal!! Actually, she probably could have been a lot rougher on my, but I am so out of shape it's not even funny. My endurance level is 30% below average for someone of my age. I scored good on the strength test - I was able to do 13 modified push ups before I said enough - that can be attributed to still lifting a 4o-something pound 5 year old once in a while, and a 29 pound 2 year old fairly often. Anyway, I am really committed to getting back in shape, and making this work. The facility is less than half a mile from my office, so I just have to block off the time before or after work to go. I'll see how far I can get during the membership period, and then decide if I want to continue. It's farily pricey, but I think it might be worth it.
And finally, speaking of the two-year-old in my house, she is nearly three, and is little Miss Independent these days. Case in point, she likes to pick out her own clothes. This weekend she chose the outfit as pictured, right down to the black boots. When BHE saw her, he grabbed the camera to get a picture of his "Punk Rock Girl." A few shots into it, he handed her his guitar, and no lie, this is how she posed, knee bent and everything. I'm a little partial to the almost-snarl :)


Minnie~Knits said...

wow, looks like you have a natural guitarist on your hands!
I think it's great you are going to a gym! A personal trainer would kick my butt. I am lucky to have a speedy metabolism; but I could stand some toning up.

Robin said...

Cute Punk Rock Girl pics! Congrats on joining a gym too. It's amazing how quickly a workout becomes easy with repetition - the first workout is always the hardest! I even notice this if I take a break for two weeks (on vacation or something) so I have to keep up with it.