Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm doing much better now, thank you very much :) Sweetpea still says she doesn't feel good, and has run a low grade fever off and on. The nurse at the pediatricians' office said they want her to finish this second round of antibiotics and see how she does, unless her fever spikes or she has other symptoms. So well see.

I've finished the Jupiter Red socks (pictures soon, I promise), and cast on for Paddy's Lucky Clover socks. I was able to knit on the first sock for about 30 minutes today at lunch, yay!

Next up after those are the Rockin' Sock Club March kit, Leafling. After that, I just may cast on a for a summer cardi or two! The yarn is on order, and my office runs a little cool sometimes. I just checked by projects, and other than the Vogue Wrap cardi (which didn't work out), the last cardi I finished was the Debbie Bliss sailor collar cardi last November! I've done nine pairs of socks since then, plus a pair of Fetchings.

On a closing note, I was thinking this morning: I remember at one time saying I had no interest in knitting socks, and look at me now. I also remember saying at one time that I had no interest in spinning.....

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Minnie~Knits said...

I too had no interest in socks at one time. I think it's natural to say "what ELSE can I try?!?" However I am a very slow sock knitter, and one of my main points of attraction, to socks, is how affordable they end up being. As in; yes this sock yarn cost over $20, but look how long it entertained me!
I will go on record RIGHT NOW: I have zero interest in spinning. Maybe below zero...I am, after all, from Minnesota; so below zero is a comfortable area for me... ;-)