Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New WIPs

Wicked is long finished, with the exception of buttons and maybe a bit of elastic. If I use some, I'll explain in the FO post.

Meanwhile, I've cast on for two new toe-up socks, unrelated. The first is from my Regia Galaxy stash. I cast on in the Camouflage colorway for BHE. I got stuck (far enough up the foot to start the heel, but no BHE around to try it on), so I put it aside and cast on with Austermann Step in the Hunter colorway, also from the stash.

Speaking of stash, I've been doing some major decluttering in my sewing room / home office. I took a huge bag of yarn to Monkeyboy's speech therapist, for her daughter who is learning to knit I haven't relegated any of the good stuff to the destash pile yet, but there will be some to come, and possibly even knitting books and / or patterns. Definitely some fabric, sewing patterns, and quilting books and patterns as well. I haven't been a serious quilter since Monkeyboy was born 5 years ago, but I do definitely want to get back to it. I think if I get rid of the stuff I don't like anymore and keep only the things I love, that will make it easier.

A (blogless) friend of mine has a theory that the energy in our body is stored in pods. All the dormant WIPS and UFOs lying around suck up energy pods, and each time you finish a project you get some of your pods back. I think if I can bear to part with as much as I hope to, you all will see a bright glow and distinct hum of energy emanating from my little corner of the world.


lynda said...

Isn't that Galaxy fun to knit? I have that same Austerman, nice to see how it knits up!

Minnie~Knits said...

Oh, I totally agree with your friend about the energy sucking properties of UFO's!
Actually, it's more abstract than that. Clutter sucks energy, whether or not you can feel it or even agree to it; it does.
When I decluttered my house over the past few years, I was shocked. I do not consider myself one to hold to anything I don't need, but WOW, the bags and bags I donated to charity. I got rid of many craft supplies, too. I also threw a lot of junk away!
Unfinished projects I didn't even want to finish, I tossed. Life is too short, and there are too many fun things to knit! Why suffer.

Rachel said...

So cute! I saw some of that the other day and I thought about it but wasn't sure how it would look. However, now seeing yours I know that they will be great socks. Btw, thanks for all the prayers! I really appreciate them!