Monday, July 28, 2008

WIP Monday

I intended to do this post last week, but have been busy catching up on all sorts of things that were put off while I was studying for the test I took last Wednesday.

On my needles: Cleopatra's Stockings - from the Rockin' Sock Club's May kit. This is the first sock. It just about kicked my rear end, but I attribute that to late night knitting on too little sleep, and knttting while I was trying to also pay attention to lectures. I cast on for the second sock last Thursday, and knit most of it Saturday. It is going a lot faster and smoother than the first one ;)

This is the Arch-Shaped sock by Jen Showalter. I'm using stash yarn, which I love more than I thought I would. This is ONline Supersocke 100 Cotton Summer. I've had it in my stash for three or four years, and I'm sure the colorway is discontinued now. I've finished the first sock now, and am ready to start the heel flap on the second. My only modification is using a tubular cast-on instead of the long tail method.

This is the Felted Bucket Hat from Chic Knits, pre-felting. I actually felted it last night, and hopefully it will be dry soon so I can do a photo shoot!

Also in progress - I dyed three sock yarn blanks last night, and love, love, love how they all came out! They are also drying, and I will take photos of those as soon as they are dried!

I have a whole slew of things to do before I start studying for the next section of the CPA exam. The knitting related items include knitting Marihone for Sweetpea, three February Baby Sweaters for new little babies in my life, dying yarn and knitting four Tulip sweaters for new babies (I'm doing different colors). Plus I want to completely empty my craft room, and start over completely organized, and along the way take photos of my stash for Ravelry. There may be a stash sale involved as well, so stay tuned in the next few weeks!

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Emma said...

Busy, busy, busy. The hat is going to be super-fun.