Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sock Blank Swap

Check it out! I participated in another swap in the Ravelry Sock Blank Swap group. I received my package from my upstream pal, and she turned out to be my downstream pal in the last swap!!

Our swap theme this time was "Where I'f from." Carol based her theme on her local school! I love the colors, eggplant purple is one of my very favorite colors! Carol (mullub on Ravelry) also sent a magnet with a photo of an Ontario lake, a pen (I love pens!), a lanyard from the school, and the cutest, softest little stuffed huskie keychain! This is really cool, because after I moved out on my own I had a dog who was part huskie, and the keychain looks just like her!

Another cool fact? Carol lives in Kitchener, Ontario! How cool would it be to live in a town with the same name as a knitting techniqe!?! Thank you Carol, I love everything!!

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Emilee said...

How neat! I've never been part of a swap before. How does it work?