Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Recession Swap Q&A

As I said in my last post, I joined a new swap on Ravelry, the Recession Special Swap. I've participated in two other swaps with this moderator, and she runs a tight ship! Signups are open until August 30th, but are limited to 50 participants, so if you think you might be interested check it out!

Here is my Q&A:

Do you knit or crochet, or both? How long have you been at the craft? I know how to do both, but mostly just knit. I learned how to knit and crochet as a child, so I guess I've been knitting for 30 years? Yikes!

Do you spin? Yes! I've had a wheel for since March 2008, and have spun off and on, but have just recently started spinning on a regular basis.

What yarns/fibers are your favorites? I prefer natural fibers, wool, cotton (blended with acrylic to give it some softness), etc. I guess I don't really dislike anything except maybe Fun Fur :) I do prefer superwash for socks, I don't have time to handwash socks all the time, plus my husband does most of the laundry, and I wouldn't rely on him to remember which are washable and which are not.

What yarns/fibers do you not like? Fun Fur :)

What yarns/fibers would you like to try but haven’t? Hmm, I'm really open to anything here. Maybe alpaca? I haven't knit with any alpaca yet. I've also been wanting to try the Louet Gems sock yarn.

What are your favorite colors? Colors that you don’t like? I love a deep true red, and am always drawn to cool ocean-y colors: blues, greens, purples. I don't like a lot of bright yellow and orange, but do like the more muted colors. Like a fall harvest colorway? Love it :)

What are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet? Socks, cardigans, and lacy shawls.

What are you currently working on? An Ariann Cardigan, a Tuscany Shawl, a couple of pairs of socks, and have just returned to a hibernating fair isle cardigan for my daughter.

What is your favorite FO? (Please post a picture if you have one.) Currently, it's Cosima.

Are there any techniques that you want to learn? Entrelac. I've stashed enough Noro for the Lady Elenor stole, but haven't got to it yet :) I'd also like to get into pattern design and writing.

Do you have a yarn winder and/or swift? Yes, I have both!

How do you store your needles/hooks? Options, in their case, all the others that I don't use are stored in a plastic tub.

Do you collect anything? Dragonflies. Oh, and also yarn and fiber ;)

Do you like sweets? Yes, especially chocolate :D

What are your favorite scents? Most favorite is Orange and Vanilla, after that, other fruity, spicy scents. I'm not big into florals, except I like Jasmine.

Are you having a birthday during this swap? Nope.

Do you have any online wish lists? (Amazon, Loopy Ewe, etc.) Please include a link for your pal. Loopy Ewe wishlist and Amazon wishlist.

What is your living situation (Are you married? Do you have kids, pets, or both?) Married, with a 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter, and 8 year old dog :)

Are you allergic to anything? Nope.

Is there anything else that you would like your pal to know? Have fun!

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