Thursday, January 24, 2008

FO Report: Monkeyboy's Knee Socks

Pattern: My own - toe up, slip stitch heel
Yarn: KnitPicks Felici, Atmosphere colorway
Needles: US Size 2
Started: December 25, 2007
Finished: January 8, 2008
Modifications: Made to order per Monkeyboy's specifications, specifically, over his knees. They were finished a few days earlier, but only came up to the top of his shins. I was promptly informed that I got it all mixed up and they were to come up "to here, Mommy! You need to knit them higher!!"

1 comment:

Ilix said...

Wow, a boy who has specific knitting requirements or what?! LOL
They look great! I bet he will wear holes in them.