Sunday, March 09, 2008

FO Report: Serendipity Socks

Pattern: Serendipity by Adrienne Fong, size medium
Yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight, Dragon Dance
Needles: US size 1, 2.25mm
Started: February 29, 2008
Finished: March 9, 2008

Modifications: The first thing I did differently was a super stretchy cast on I found at jigsawknits. Love the cast on, and I'll definitely use it again on my next top down socks! Because of the cast on, I did a k1 p1 rib instead of k2 p2. The only other thing I did different was I left 11 stitches unwrapped in the heel instead of 9. I love these socks!
This is the first shipment from the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club (Did I post that I signed up last fall?), and even though a ton of people have finished theirs, I feel a little reluctant to post my finished picture, for "spoiler" reasons. Click here to see my finished pair!
Now - I have nothing in my needles! I'm not sure what I want to do next. the KNIT guild meeting is tomorrow night, and I have to have something. I can't sit at a knitting guild meeting for 2 hours and not knit! I bought a skein of Malabrigo today, but I can't decide which of two hat patterns to cast on for. I've also been trolling Ravelry for the last couple of hours looking at sock patterns. I have some Felici in Arugula (greens), and am leaning towards it for my next sock yarn, since St. Patricks day is around the corner. I don't want to do another plain stockinette just yet. I see a lot of people using this yarn for Jaywalkers, so I'm thing about another pair of those. I also am intrigued by the Sidewinders, but I think the Jitterbug in my stash might look better for those.

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Robin said...

Whoa I'm excited to try that cast on!
I wish I hadn't already cast on for my latest socks. I'm finally doing 2 socks at a time, on 2 circs, so I'm heavily invested already!

I'm using Lorna's Laces for the first time ever, it's nice stuff, but I do think I like STR maybe a week bit better...

Oh yeah and I'm knitting Jaywalkers!