Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Amazing Lace Summer 2006 - Meet the Team!

I don't remember what led me to the Amazing Lace website a couple of weeks ago... but once I found it there was never a doubt as to who my teammate would be. I first met her in 2003. Much like the chance encounter with the Amazing Lace website, I stumbled across this mohair beauty, and knew she was meant to be in black, perfect to take along to all those special evening outings.

I had never worked with such a delicate, ethereal teammate before, but was not to be deterred. I ordered her immediately. Once received, Elle Elle was put away until other obligations were finished, so I could devote my full attention to her. We set out on our adventure together last summer, and made it through all the repeats of the first chart, and got 11 rows into the second pattern repeat of the second chart (second out of eighteen repeats....).

Alas, those first several inches were laborious. I had to find out what it meant to "cast on with waste yarn." Then there were a few missteps, and little more backwards knitting...I found I had to work with her in solitude, no distractions from the TV, toddler, or even knitting & quilting friends. Elle Elle kept asking for black beads, while I kept explaining we had gone too far on our journey already. She finally took a hiatus and has been waiting patiently for my return. I pulled her our of her dark resting place last night, and explained the mission before us. She agreed to give me another chance, not to make any unreasonable demands for black beading, and we promised to cooperate with each other fully.

Support staff includes three balls of Filatura di Crosa Baby Kid Extra, U.S. size 4 Bryspun Flexible Needles, and lots of stitch and row markers made by me. I'm contemplating creating a coordinating row counter as well, just for Elle Elle.

Good luck to all the other teams out there! Penny & Elle


hootsister said...

Good luck Penny! Can't wait to see your FO, that pattern is beautiful.

cindi said...

I've almost decided to make lacey Lattice part of my team, too. Yours is looking spectacular in black! I can't decide between sage green and indigo blue. Looking forward to the race!

KnitNana said...

Gorgeous pattern, and your nerve is stronger than mine, with mohair!
Can't wait to see you at the finish line!