Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am officially off work until Tuesday! I've been so busy already today, this is the first chance I've had to blog. I updated the photos of the yarn in my Etsy shop, after reskeining them. I cleared a bunch of saved shows languishing on my DVR. I finished the Lucy Bag! (Well except for the felting part of it. Here is a picture of it before:

Check back in a day or so for after pictures.

Last night when I got home my order from KnitPicks was waiting. I got 2 skeins of laceweight merino for dyeing, a set of size 2 doublepoints to replace the ones that broke a couple of weeks ago (now I can finish those socks!), Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Around, and the pattern for the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan! (sshhhh - there's talk of a knitalong for this pattern in a few months - more details as I find out!)

Oh, I almost forgot, on my whirlwind trip to Dallas last weekend, I went in a LYS in Plano, The Woolie Ewe, and bought my first set of Addis - I am a spoiled, spoiled girl now. I have a complete set of circular knitting needles in 2 lengths that I bought on ebay several years ago, for very little money, and now I realize how crappy they really are. Rough joins, cables that won't relax, no matter how hot the water, you get the picture. Anyway, I was so excited about them, I started this:

Details later!

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