Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Casting Off, Casting On

Why do I have a problem finishing things? The Simple Stripes Sweater was blocked last Thursday, ready to be seamed together, the Falling Leaves Cardigan pieces have been finished for 3 months? 4 months? Ready to be blocked. I have a chenille vest I finished at least two years ago, waiting for a single crochet edging around the openings. I don't know if by the time I get to that point, I'm so tired of / bored with the project I don't want to touch it, or if I have a fear the item won't fit or won't be flattering. Lord knows that's happened often enough. I have two FOs waiting to be frogged because they are too big. It must be a combination of all of them, since they came to mind so easily. Plus I have so many projects waiting, crying to be on the needles, I just can't wait another second to start them. My goal this summer is to finish ALL UFOs.

So, a confession sort of related to that rant, I started another cardi for Sweetpea. I needed a mindless knit since I finished (almost) the Simple Stripes, and this one was waiting. It's in acrylic, which wouldn't be my choice now, but I already bought the yarn, it was super cheap, machine washable, and I love the color :) I think I'm becoming a yarn snob, though. Or at least I prefer natural fibers.

I dyed some laceweight Merino for the Melanie's Mystery Stole 2006, which starts on July 7th. Its mostly red, a little mottled, but not so much to be variegated. I also skeined some fingering weight yarn for dying, to eventually end up in my Etsy shop. I wound five skeins last night, which was about 2,000 yards, and the cone doesn't look any smaller than when I started. I also have more laceweight yarn to dye for the shop. As soon as I get the camera back from BHE, I'll post pictures of the yarn when it is dry and reskeined, and of all newly finished, and newly started projects ;)

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