Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lace Knitting

I worked on LL late last night. I felt guilty we are already officially a week into the Amazing Lace, and I have yet to work on it. So, I thought I'd work a couple of rows to at least say I did. It took me for-ev-er to work across that first row. The mohair is much finer than the fingering weight sock yarn and especially the bulky weight novelty yarn of late. I felt like I couldn't keep the proper tension on it, so by the end of the second row, my fingers ached. Then on the third row (I kept going), the stitches on the needles were so tight I couldn't hardly get my needle into them. So, of course I had to keep working to get the tension evened out. Then I remembered from working on it last summer that I had to constantly remind myself to knit the second row loosely so I could do the k2togs and k3togs somewhat easily. After going that far, I felt compelled to work to the end of the pattern repeat. By the time I was there, it was 12:30, and I was too tired to take pictures. Check back tomorrow. End result - I have completed 2 pattern repeats out of 18 of the second chart, and am about halfway through the first of three balls of yarn.

Oh, I also worked on the Simple Stripes Sweater. I was nearing the end of the first skein of yarn, and wanted to start the second skein at the right spot in the striping. It is my lunchtime knitting. It will be finished soon I think.

Tonight I need to block the pieces for the Falling Leaves Cardigan (I think that's the name). I'll try and post pictures of all the WIPs.

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