Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Progress Report

As promised, I have pictures of current WIPs. Due to a minor incident on the way home from daycare, I spent a good 45 minutes last night untangeling a chunk of yarn. Of course, I then had to knit the unskeined yarn, so the front of the Simple Stripes sweater is now up to the armhole shaping.

It is pictured at right with the already completed back.

Then, having left the pattern in my work bag, and not wanting to move from my comfortable nest, I picked up the Lacy Lattice Stole I am working on for the Amazing Lace, and work another pattern repeat, or 16 rows. I love long stretches of time to myself! BHE didn't even ask what happened, he just put Monkeyboy to bed at the appropriate time.

Due to the afore mentioned mishap by the unnamed three year old, and the ensueing untangling, I did not block the Falling Leaves Cardigan. Later this week perhaps.

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