Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Skeining, Dyeing and Knitting, Oh My!

I've been working, really I have! This is my current "car knitting" project. You know, the project you keep in the car for when someone else is driving, or your sitting there, waiting with the kids while they run in the store to grab a couple of items. Or when you're stuck in construction traffic, hoping the guy in the truck next to you doesn't notice your knitting behind the wheel. Yeah, you know what I mean. Anyway, this is the back of a cardigan for Sweetpea in the 18 month size. TLC baby 100% Acrylic in New Mint Sparkle, US Size 6 Denise Needles, free pattern from Bernat found here.

I've also been skeining yarn to be dyed, and dying said yarn. In the last week, I wound 12 skeins of Superwash sock yarn, 400 yards each. I also skeined 8 hanks of laceweight merino.
Actually, I dyed two of them for my Mystery Stole 2 project, and then decided 880 yards of laceweight was too much to work with at once, so I wound the remaining 6 hanks into 12 more managable 440 yard skeins. As I said, I dyed 2 hanks for my MS2 project, and then swatched on size 3 needles (pictured above). I also dyed more laceweight and sock yarn, some for Etsy, and some special orders. I'll post photos when I have time to take some good ones.

Because of all the dying activity, I haven't knitted much on LL, so no progress photos there. It is 36.86% complete, and I am within yards of finishing the first ball. I hope to make significant progress tonight at stitch group!

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