Thursday, June 29, 2006

Handpainted Yarns

Here are more pictures of the yarn I've hand painted in the last few days. The first two are going up in my Etsy shop. The top is a 440 yard skein of sock yarn, and the next are 3 skeins of laceweight merino, 400 yards per skein, to be sold together or separately. I had some red dyes left over after painting my merino for the Mystery Stole 2.

The last one is another skein of sock yarn for my Knit Sock Kit Swap buddy. This is all I have for her so far, but have lots of ideas swirling about my brain for her project bag and all the goodies to go inside it.

I really love hand painting the yarn. I can't sleep at night for all the color combinations running through my mind. I won't tell you how many skeins I've painted and dyed and then decided to keep for myself. Far more than I could ever use. But I can enjoy them for awhile, and then I'll list them in Etsy. Maybe :)

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Ann C. said...

Your dying is lovely. I know what you mean about color ideas even though I don't dye--yet. I have had an idea of a lovely white mohair cobweb weight plied with a laceweight(or smaller) silk dyed in the palest of pale pastels, maybe pink,peach, and yellow or pink, lavender, and green or blue,green, and yellow. In my mind it would also have one stand of Balger pearl blending filament just to give it a little more glow and it would make shawls that would have the pearlescent glow of the inside of a sea shell. Want to try it? You surely would get my blessings if you did! Now, off to your Etsey site!
Ann down in HOT Dallas