Thursday, July 20, 2006


So I'm knitting along on the Mystery Stole 2 last night at stitch group, spread it out to show interested parties (mainly my blogless friend Susan), and notice one little flower doesn't line up with the YO 6 rows below it. I start counted stitches, re-reading the chart and my current row is A-OK. I look closer at the rest of the lace and see a YO several INCHES back that doesn't line up with the one that should be directly below it.

I didn't run any life lines.

I calmly put it back in the bag, and pick up the Lacy Lattice Stole to start on it, after a month long hiatus or pit stop, whatever you want to call it. I worked 3 rows of the eighth pattern repeat. Then I helped Susan work a provisional cast on over two cable needles, while leaving a neck opening in the center for a new top down poncho pattern she's modifying. After that, we pulled out my laptop to work on designing a quilt. She had asked me to design a few borders for a piece of embroidery she wants to make into a wall hanging. I have Electric Quilt 5 on my laptop, so we designed some borders to go around it.

After I got home and printed of the info for her quilt, joined (more about that in another post), then sat down with my knitting. I got out a size 2 cable needle, ran it across a row just above the mistake and ripped, ripped, ripped. When I got down to the size 2 needle, I had a Ramen-like pile of yarn - 38 rows worth. I tinked back the rest of the way and started reknitting. I work 20 rows before I called it a night.

All in all, it was a pretty good night. I was pretty impressed with myself for figuring out how to do a provisional cast on while leaving an opening in the center of it, in a hot room full of many conversations at that. We designed a quilt with 4 borders, I committed myself to at least 3 months of dieting, and I successfully ripped out nearly half of my lacy stole without making it worse than it was to start with! Now the goal is to finish Chart 2 tonight so I am ready to go with Chart 3 tomorrow!

Edited to add: Sorry to say, I was so focused on how I was going to fix this mistake, and so focused while actually doing it, I totally forgot to take pictures, so just use your imagination :)

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