Sunday, July 16, 2006

Knitting UFOs

Tisha is having a UFO contest , with prizes for the oldest UFO and the most. I probably won't win anything, but it did motivate me to dig all the old projects out of their hiding spots. I do have ten (yikes!) UFOs.

This is probably the oldest. I call it the Falling Leaves Cardigan. It was a kit from Lion Brand with Microspun yarn, and I think they called it the Micro Spun Pattern Stitch Twin Set. Very imaginative. I think I started it before BHE and I were married and that was nine years ago. It needs to be blocked and seamed together.

These are two baby sweaters. The striped one is from KnitPicks and just needs some ends woven in and buttons sewn onto the shoulder. The other is the back of a hooded cardigan I don't remember who the pattern is by - it was a freebie. I do remember it wasn't TLC, but I like this color better than what was offered in the patterns yarn specification.

Here are another two oldies. This is another old Lion Brand pattern. It is Lion Brand Chenille, and will eventually be a vest with two decorative eye-hook and loop type clasps in the upper part, with the opening below open. It needs the clasps (not sure where they are), and a single crochet edging around all the openings. The ivory color sweater was to be a pullover to be worn during and after my first pregnancy, with a super stretchy rib pattern. I wasn't that motivated to knit it back then - I don't care for this color on me. It was the only color I could find at the time, and I wasn't brave enough to substitute yarns back then. I will frog it now, and probably dye it another color. It's superwash wool :)

These are my two lace projects. The black is mohair, and it the Lacy Lattice Stole from Fiddlesticks knitting. The red is hand painted merino and is Melanie's Mystery Stole 2.

This is another KnitPicks pattern, the Fair Isle sock. The first one was full of problems. Three bamboo needles got broken in transit, the heel seems tight, the toe too loose. I started the second sock, but and a little hesitant to continue....

The knitting on the left is the first nine inches of Tempting II in TLC Cotton Plus. On the right is a One Skein Wonder in Brown's Cotton Fleece.

So, unless I've left something out, that makes ten UFOs. I have a two other things in the frog pile, but don't count them since they are both completely finished.

Now, if this were about quilting UFOs, I bet I could win, hands down!


Penny said...
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Pat K said...

Hello! I came to visit you as part of the "pit stop" on Amazing Lace. All your knitting looks fabulous! And I love the coconut monkey!