Monday, September 11, 2006

(Im)Patiently Waiting

I have nothing new to report on the knitting front - I have yarn on order from three different companies, I think all for over a week now, and not a single package is here yet (sob). I get this itchy-knitty thing, where I want my yarn and I want it now. Until it gets here, I have the almost irresistible impulse to shop, shop, shop. Unfortunately, my bank account could not bear the abuse.

What do I have on order? I ordered some Silky Tweed, on the recommendation of Wendy for a Simple Knitted Bodice and Sizzle. I don't think the gauge is right for the Sizzle, but I have confidence in my mathematical abilities ;) I also ordered a kit for this cool looking pullover that I've never seen before. I think it's brand-spankin' new. And finally, some deep chocolate brown superwash and this pattern. I've decided with two little ones to contend with, and the BHE doing laundry more than half the time, most of my often-worn sweaters should be machine washable. And this would get worn a lot, considering how cold my office can be sometimes.

Oh! There is something to report! Laura over at Sugar Bunny Boulevard and I are co-hosting a KAL to begin October 1st, if anyone is interested, for the KnitPicks Palette Fair Isle Cardigan. I cast on for a gauge swatch last night, on the recommended size 3 needles, but I am doing a swatch in the round. I've read other knitters knit at a different gauge in the round than flat. I don't know if I do or not, but this isn't the project where I want to find out the bad way! It's slow going since it takes so many stitches of fingering weight to fit comfortably on my 16" needles. I'll post more in a day or two when my swatch is longer. BTW, I'm swatching on my new KnitPicks needles, and I love them! Pointy points, smooth joins, super flexible cable, and slick needles!

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Laura said...

I finally have the rest of my yarn on order. Whew. I thought and pondered and considered..... and finally decided I didn't want to use the KnitPicks needles for this sweater. I'm horrible. But it's just the way things are. I want to use bamboo circs for the sweater. I think I'll be happier with them. I just keep thinking of fiddly stitches wanting to fall off those slick points!