Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kansas Haul

This post is a few days overdue - I don't know where my time goes (perhaps my employer, 3 year old, and 14 month old can answer that).

Anyway, last Thursday I left on an annual roadtrip to Wichita, Kansas with three members of my stitch group, blogless Susan, blogless Pam, and blogless Reta. This is the ninth time we have gone for the Central Kansas Quilt Shop Hop. Susan's sister, blogless Kathy, lives in Augusta, a suburb east of Wichita. We get to camp out in her basement every year (thanks, Kathy)! To participate in the quilt shop hop, you travel to ten different quilt shops in and around Wichita, get your passport stamped showing you were there, and register for door prizes from the individual shops, plus lots of other prizes for visiting all ten shops. Oh, and you shop, eat, and laugh until you cry and your ribs ache. Yes we accomplished all that :)

We also managed to visit three additional quilt shops and one yarn shop (in Salina, KS), eat breakfast in an Amish restaurant (in Yoder, KS). We came home Sunday morning, and I promptly went to the fair with my family (for the third time).

I got some pretty good deals, and didn't buy nearly as much as I have in years past. I got a quilt kit I've been eyeing for a year on clearance cheap, plus some books and assorted fat quarters, most of them coordinating with a block of the month I'm doing from a shop in Newton Kansas. Oh, we also visited JoAnns, where I used a 50% off coupon to get a yarn container, and I got another one Monday! ALSO, at the yarn shop in Salina, I found some Austermann Step yarn! I've really been wanting to try this sock yarn, and none of my LYS carry it! I got color 07, Hunter, and it was the only ball, only color they had, or I would have bought more. They didn't have any Trekking XXL, or I would have bought that too - for some reason I can't find that in a LYS here either! The Salina yarn shop is Yarns, apparently they don't have a website, or I'd link to it.

BTW, I won a third place ribbon at the Tulsa State Fair on my Lacy Lattice Stole, and BHE won a second place for a painting and a second place for a picture of Monkeyboy!

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