Friday, October 27, 2006


Has it really been nearly a week since I posted? I am here, I've just been very busy. I'm also doing some secret knitting for my SP9 partner, so I can't talk about that at all! I'll just say, I really love KnitPicks, and I like the free shipping, but why must it take 10 days to go from Ohio to Oklahoma? That's four states away! Okay, enough of my rant :) I did get some fun stuff, though. Besides what I got for my spoilee, I also ordered some Wool of the Andes to make a Farmers Market Tote - a felted bag with a free pattern from their site. Instead of the crayon colors pictured, I'm using the red, green and brown from the new heathered wools. (Apparently KnitPicks site is down right now, so there are no links for you). Anyway, they are very fall-like colors. I'll have to hurry to get it knitted while it is still fall :)

In other knitterly news, I've been flying away on the Fair Isle Cardigan. I posted this picture a few days ago on the KAL, and haven't made much progress since then, since I'm working on gift and charity knitting. Have a great weekend!


Polly said...

WOW that is impressive! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Fair Isle work!
I am working on a felted bag pattern as well. Interesting coincidence?
I also can not wait for a box that is arriving here tomorrow with goodies for my SP (yes you... ;) and for me too...

Laura said...

WOW! How can I possibly be so far behind on my blog reading??!! Your FICardi is coming along SO nice - I'll be happy when mine is so far!

Your Kansas Quilt Hop - I'm so jealous!! I wish I could have gone along with you. Maybe next year - it would be so fun. :)