Friday, October 13, 2006

Soaring Eagles Project

Have you heard about the Soaring Eagle Project yet? The Procrastiknitter is a science teacher at an elementary school in my hometown, Tulsa, OK. Many of the children at her school are in the foster care system or are being shuffled between relatives for one reason or another. Many of these children don't have anyone who knits for them (I mean seriously, can you imagine?), and some may not receive any Christmas presents. Rachel puts it much more eloquently than I can, so go visit the Soaring Eagles blog for the details. Basically, she wants to present each child with a knitted object before the Christmas break. There is a group in Tulsa who has volunteered to knit a scarf for each child, but there is still a need for hats or headbands for ages 4 - 12. The items should be machine washable.

I have a ton of Wool-Ease I've been hanging onto for years, so I'm going to start knitting hats until it's all gone. Maybe mittens too....

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