Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Post

I seemed to have turned into a weekly blogger, but I promise I won't stay that way for long. I can't find the digital camera, so no pictures to post.

I've fit a little knitting time in here and there.... I now have three hats finished for the Soaring Eagles Project, and cast on for a fourth last night. I also finished another pattern band on the Fair Isle Cardigan, and I think I only have one more band to go before starting the armhole steeks. I have so many projects I want to start, but I won't let myself because I'm afraid I won't keep making hats. They are for a really good cause, plus I plan on using up all my Wool-Ease purchased before I became a bit of a yarn snob ;)

I've made at least one trip a day to my Dad's to help him with the physical exercises, sometimes two trips, which means leaving work for a couple of hours every afternoon. No big deal, because the exercises are vital for helping him recover from the knee replacement surgery. My sister-in-law is helping too, but has had a few run-ins with our step-mother, who is less than supportive of all of this. However, I think she (step-mother) is going to the lake this weekend, so maybe my dad can have a little peace (those were entirely his words, not mine). He is doing really well, and the therapist who comes every other day is very pleased with his progress.

I have a sister coming this weekend from Texas to help through Sunday, so maybe I can track down that camera, and actually post some pictures!


Polly said...

You havent become a yarn snob... just more discerning

Procrastiknitter said...

Kudos to you for helping your dad and poo on your stepmother! As far a yarn I was in Fringe last Friday and saw your yarn! I was about to get some to make the Lucie sweater from Knitty. but there wasn't enough left! You are popular there!