Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's not Friday!

I say that like it's a good thing, but believe me I wish it were Friday. This has been a long week already! My point is, it's not Friday yet, and I'm already posting this week! I did find the camera, but the batteries were dead, so it's recharging at home. I will try to post pictures in the next day or so.

My dad is doing great! He is walking very well with the walker, and is going to ask his physical therapist today about moving to the cane. Monday he was able to bend his knee to 101 degrees, and I think the goal is 115 degrees.

I heard from my Secret Pal today! She mailed me a package, and I should be receiving it soon! She also offered to create a banner for my blog! I learned just enough HTML while I was creating this blog to get me in trouble, and that was with using a Blogger template! I'm going to look through the pictures on my computer at home and find something to send her. Thanks Secret Pal! I sent a first package to my spoilee, but I'm not disclosing any contents just yet, in case he/she snoops around trying to figure out who I am. If I wanted to be really sneaky I would post fake pictures of spoilee gifts, but I'm won't do that :)

On the knitting front, I haven't been knitting much of anything other than hats for the Soaring Eagles Project. The first five or six all look the same because I used up an entire HUGE skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease. I think it was eight ounces or something crazy like that. I have at least two more that same color and size, but I've moved onto other yarns because I was getting tired of working with the same one. Now I'm using some super bulky stuff, so it's going really fast. I did knit a few rows on the Fair Isle Cardigan, but was afraid if I kept going, I'd never go back to the hats!

I also placed an order with Knit Picks and another with Elann, but I'll tell you more about that when the boxes arrive. I have to save some surprises for future posts, right?


Polly said...

Sounds like a great week so far.. why do you want to skip to Friday???

Penny said...

Oh, I just meant workwise, I wished it were the end of the week. I'd much rather be home playing with my husband and kids, and then knitting after they go to bed :)