Friday, December 08, 2006

17 days

17 days until Christmas? Actually 16 for us, we do Christmas on Christmas Eve. My tree isn't even decorated yet, no packages wrapped, no Christmas cards mailed out.... I made a batch of toffee Tuesday night, and its already gone. Being sick at Thanksgiving really threw me off schedule. I have been knitting a lot of hats for the Soaring Eagles Project. As of last night, I've finished 19 hats, and have moved onto headbands / earwarmers. I think Rachel will be visiting my stitch group next week so we can meet and she can collect all the hats & earwarmers. I already have three other projects working in my mind, in fact I decided against swatching for one of them, for fear I wouldn't stop knitting on it, LOL. What are these new projects you ask? Off-Center Argyle from Wrap Style, a cardiganized Rogue, in Barlett yarn, and a Raglan Cardigan with waist shaping, in Peace Fleece (my own pattern).

Back to Christmas, I'm finished shopping for Monkeyboy, almost for TBHE, but have nothing for Sweetpea. Seriously. She gets all the toys and books Monkeyboy has outgrown, we are well stocked with clothes, she already has three dolls that she doesn't really play with... what do you get a 16 month old who doesn't need anything? I thought about just putting the money we would have spent into her college fund, but I want to have something under the tree for her, and the Grandparents give college money every Christmas anyway. What to do... Any suggestions?


Isabelle said...

You made 19 hats in one night?!!
And I thought I was a fast knitter... LOL

Isabelle said...

I am in the same situation as you. My DD is 2 years younger than her brother and she always prefers playing with his toys! Somehow, she finds them more attractive than her own toys! LOL

She is 22 months old and we got her a singing Dora, a stroller and a baby that cries "for real", a dining set (they will be able to play together - I hope) + "Cars" also to play with her brother... I guess we have to adjust to the situation, huh? ;-)

Angelica said...

Gift Idea: How about a really, really great picture book for her? Something with gorgeous paintings, and a compelling story... something you'll read to her over and over again. I remember giving Make Way for Ducklings to a child about that age (i was his babysitter). "Make Way For Ducklings" is always a hit with kids that age! Below are links to two HUGE favorites from my childhood: