Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Argyle Progress

I've finished the back of the Argyle thing-a-ma-jig (is it a wrap, a poncho - let's call it a tailored poncho). The front is probably about half completed. I had to rip out a couple of inches today at the doctors office when I found two mistakes where I changed colors too early in one spot, and too late in another. They are projecting an ice storm this weekend, so it may be finished really soon.

I went to the doctor today (if you are wondering) because I realized I've been fighting a cold, or a series of colds, for nearly two months now. I'm tired of it, exhausted really, the TBHE was convinced I had pneumonia. Turns out its just a sinus / respiratory thing, and should be cleared up in ten days or less. Which is a good thing since tax season officially starts for me next Monday. But for all intents and purposes, it really started last week. So, I really need to get over this quick, get my energy levels back up, and build up the resistance pronto! Here's to good health :)

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Robin said...

The Argyle thingie looks great! I haven't tried an intarsia project yet. Maybe later in 2007, but it's not on my goal list.

From one CPA to another, good luck with tax season (OH JOY!) We're dealing with the 10-K season so it's not much better over here.