Saturday, January 20, 2007

Twelve Sweaters

I joined the Sweater A Month KAL. The premise is you knit one sweater each month, all year long. The guidelines are pretty flexible, however, and the sweater can be for an infant, a dog, or it can be a tank top, anything you want to call a sweater. And if you want to make it a Half-Sweater a Month KAL, so be it! They can be brand new items, or long-forgotten UFO's. You don't have to start and complete in the same month, and its up to you if you finish one each month, although that is my plan; otherwise I'll end up in November with 11 sweaters left to finish!
Here are my plans so far:
January - I'm going to count the Off-Center Argyle as my January item.
February - I hope to complete the Fair Isle Cardigan for my February item.
From there, it's a little up in the air. Depending on how late in February I finish the FIC will decide what I do for March. I have plenty of options - I'm still in the process of cataloging my stash (which I'll talk about in another post), but some of them are a Debbie Bliss cardigan for Sweetpea (from an out of print Sirdar book, I can't find anything to link to for it), a Dale of Norway pullover that I am thinking of cardiganizing for Sweetpea. There's also a somewhat fitted cardigan of my own design, knit in Peace Fleece. Or a Raglan cardi I'm imagining up for Monkeyboy. Just plan on seeing a lot of FOs this year!
Edited to add:
Actually, I just remembered something: See that On the Needles list over in the sidebar? There is a long forgotten Falling Leaves cardigan I finished well over a year ago. It just needs to be blocked and seamed. Maybe I'll make that my February sweater and push the FIC finishing to March.....

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SarahJanet said...

My Rogue is indeed the Light Sheep's Grey Bartlett yarn. It's super nice! I look forward to seeing yours. (Whenever you start it - I sympathize, as mine took ages to actually start.)

I'm doing the sweater a month KAL as well. We'll see how it goes - I'm not feeling too optimistic.