Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thank you April!

Check out what my Secret Pal sent - only she's not secret any more, it is April of Wool & Vine!

I actually received it Wednesday - I wasn't having a great day, and it was nearly midnight by the time I sat down to open it. I was so overwhelmed by how generous she was it brought tears to my eyes! Exactly what I needed to make my day a whole lot better :)

As you can see, she sent the Knitter's and Spinner's Companion books, the premiere issue of Craft: magazine, and a blank notebook personalize with lady bugs. The black dots on it spell out "Knit Notes" (I love it)! She also sent 3 cards of purple ladybug buttons, a ladybug stamp, and a tape measure. Also some creamy colored yarn (I'm not sure what kind or how much - April, can you tell me?), and best of all, a drop spindle and gorgeous roving! I think she made the spindle and hand dyed the roving.

I've never spun before, and really know nothing about it, but I've really been tempted by all the beautiful hand spun yarn I've seen on others knitters' blogs. I've kept telling myself I didn't need one more hobby, etc. but I was thrilled when I opened the box from April and saw the spindle & roving! I will be reading the Spinner's Companion in great detail, and scouring the Internet for all the how-to's and what-for's. Feel free to send me any tips and links you think will help!

April also sent me a great package in November full of sock yarn, needles and patterns, and a scarf pattern in December. She also created the banner and button for my blog!

Thank you April!


Woolyvines said...

The yarn is Yarn Botanika Merino/Tencel. I can not remember the yardage. I did write it down but I forgot to include the tag in your package.

Procrastiknitter said...

Wow, you were definitely spoiled and i'm definitely jealous! Also, do you want to go to Maryland with me? I'm thinking of planning a trip. Email me!

Shelby said...

Great package! The roving is really lovely. I can't wait to see how you like spinning! I was hooked after I made something that actually resembled yarn.