Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm still alive

Just a quick post, to say I haven't had time for posting or knitting.... I've been working like a madwoman, and BHE is under the weather. I worked briefly yesterday while the kids were napping, went home to fix dinner, play for awhile, get them in bed, and then back to work for about 3 more hours. Fortunately my office is only about 3 miles from home, but yikes!
I've finished both sleeves on the FIC, including correcting the cuff on the first sleeve, which I had knit with the wrong size needles. I've woven in all the yarn end on both sleeves and in the center front, so those wouldn't get caught in the front steeking. I had every intention of steeking the front and neckline, and picking up the neckline stitches last night, but that didn't happen. I worked on a sock some last night, while I was waiting on a report to print, but lost (!) one of my size 1 steel needles. How can something like that just disappear? I'll keep looking for it today....
I did make it by a thrift store this weekend and scored on the wool sweaters! One of them is actually a very nice hand knit cardigan. It makes me a little bit sad that a hand knit would end up in a thrift store. It doesn't look like it was worn much, or was taken care of very well, but if it were well cared for, it shouldn't have ended up in a thrift store. Regardless, I did end up with two lambswool sweaters, one merino, plus the hand knit woolen for about $15! I'm already contemplating the possibilities :)
Lastly, one of my local yarn stores (no website) is closing. They will reopen a couple of blocks down the street sometime in a month or so as a new business - still yarn, just adding partners and changing names, etc. As a result, they have yarn on sale 35% - 70% off, and books and patterns 50% off. I'm eyeing a Jordana Page briefcase/messenger style bag.

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