Monday, February 26, 2007

Quick Question

I'm still working on my blog. Is anyone having problems seeing stuff on it? I know I still have a problem with my Knitting Blogs button. Also, I can see my Yahoo avatar at home but not at work. Everything else appears okay right now on the two computers I use. How about you all - does anything not show up for you?


Robin said...

I don't see your avatar, and I'm at home (and can see mine.)

Judy said...

I'm making a strange post I know, but my blogspot is also Penny Lane and I thought that was funny! We even picked the same template!!!! I'm glad you got yours up! I had some trouble but mine is ok now. I don't know what an "avatar" is, but from my home computer I see the little icons like pencils (I think) but can't see them from other computers. I guess that's so it can only be edited from my home computer. You can check me out at
drop me a line. (I think it's funny how different our weemes are!) Judy

Procrastiknitter said...

I see your Avatar at home and at work, but I can't see the button at all.

Charlotte said...

I can see your avatar without any problem and I think it's really nice.
I love your work. Actually, I'm just getting into knitting but I'm becoming an addict. I found an interesting web-site where there are really nice knitting kits with original patterns. Sometimes they have discounts on the web-site. Have you tried it ?

OfTroy said...

it looks good in EI v 6.0- the only thing i noticed not working was the knitting blog link..
well it worked (it links!) but there is an image, then an imagae box that is empty, and the previous next are well...
previous is next to empty image box, and next is below.
(conventionally they are centered
like (above)

(i am new to knitting blogger ring and i too am having button problems--what i care about most, is do they work (and yours do!)