Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thirty-Nine Miles

Or, a marathon and a half. That is how much yarn I have in my stash, and does not include any of the acrylics (since I will probably donate those), or any of the half-used, left-over skeins from finished projects. It's a little scary to know how much there really is, but also neat to have cataloged (almost) all of my yarn, and I found a lot I had forgotten about completely. In fact, I'm certain there is still more to add that I just haven't happend across yet.
I used the yarn stash template spreadsheet I found on Katydidknits. I had thought of creating my own, but chased a few links and found hers, and she included columns for everything I could think of, and then some!

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Robin said...

I love that template - thanks for letting me know about it. I downloaded it before when you told me about it but haven't finished filling it out yet. I'm going to donate my acrylic too.