Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well, due to my wonderful work schedule right not, I haven't seen the light of day since my Fair Isle Cardigan finished drying - two days after blocking! I offer to you a teaser shot under the halogen lights of my kitchen. Complete post with details and modeled shots as soon as I can leave work before sundown!
As an added bonus, here's a photo of my lampshade-wearing SweetPea :)


Sheila said...

Your Fair Isle sweater is gorgeous. It is a throughly modern Fair Isle. Great job!

Laura said...

Beautiful. So awesome! When I see this picture I just HATE myself and think "what a fool I am!" for letting my FI cardigan sit behind my knitting chair waiting for it's day. I never thought I could be such a fickle knitter but I've been lured by the siren call of virtually every knitting and spinning whim that has waggled its finger my way. UGH. Why aren't there more knitting hours in the day? why?

Your FIC is just beautiful and I can't wait to see the modeled FO shots. You must be so proud!

So the button band... does the icord bindoff take off a little width or is it just my imagination?