Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Still no modeled shot of my Fair Isle - I haven't been home before sunset in too many days to count. I am going to stitch group tonight, and am taking the cardi, but cannot find the memory card for the camera. BHE took weekend photos off the camera yesterday, and apparently didn't get the card back in the camera (sigh).

I also finished the Falling Leaves cardi, and it is blocking now. I don't think I've ever posted about it here, as it's been in the UFO pile since before I started blogging. I think I knit it while prego with Monkeyboy.

I started Ariann this weekend! We made a quick trip to Texas to see one of my sisters retire from the Naval Reserves after 27 years! She is/was a Chief Petty Officer, which I think is a pretty big deal. Anyway, I finished the second Leopard striped sock (need to frog and redo the first because it is too big), and cast on for Ariann in a deep dark chocolate brown cotton/wool blend from KnitPicks. The yarn is called Salishan and was sold very briefly on their website only. I assume it's something they tried out and decided not to carry. The colors were pretty limited, and it was priced to move. I'm almost through the waist decreases - I expect to get the rest of the way through them and start the increases tonight at Stitch.

I'll track down that camera card tonight, and I guess coerce a co-worker into a photo shot sometime this week!

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