Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Backwards Knitting

This is a new experience for me, this knitting from the top down. I've now completed both sleeves, and have picked up stitches for the collar. Once I finished the collar, I'll go back to the body, and finish the cardigan from just under the sleeves down to the hem. Casting off where I normally cast on. I have to say, I really like being able to try it on as I go, and I will definitely be knitting more sweaters in this fashion. I also like that I can use up every bit of my yarn, if I want, and not worry that I'll have enough to finish the collar or button bands. This is yarn has been in the stash for well over a year now, and I'm certain I couldn't find a matching hank. I have a bit of a hank left for the collar, probably enough for the collar, and then two full hanks for the body. I used almost three so far for the yoke and both sleeves. More updates as it progresses!
I'm having trouble locating the camera, so no pictures today :(


Ilix said...

I like top-down raglans for the same reason! I am knitting my second right now "Wicked" from Zepher Knits.

Anonymous said...

You will love the top down raglan and probably will not want to do one in pieces again! They are so easy to do for kids sweaters particularly since you try them on while you are knitting them. They are great! Enjoy.