Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Slowly but Surely

This is one project that should have been super fast, but I guess I'm not too motivated to knit heavy worsted weight in 80 degree weather.... I have finished both sleeves, finished the collar, and am back on the body. At this point I have worked about an inch below the arms, and need to calculate the decreases for the waist shaping. I think I am going to love wearing this sweater next fall & winter, and I am going to love when it's finished! I am itching to cast on for something more seasonal, but I have to wait until this is finished. If I cast on for something else now, I won't pick this up again until its cold out. I know me.

BHE and I are getting ready for a big party this weekend. We are renewing our vows in celebration of our tenth wedding anniversary, and it is getting here pretty fast! BHE is building an outdoor kitchen of sorts in our backyard, and the party will be luau themed. Have I ever mentioned we have a tiki bar in our house? Not one of those freestanding raffia and bamboo jobs you see here and there, but a sunroom converted into a full fledged Hawaiian-esque tiki bar. Yes, I do live in a land locked state. Does that really make a difference? I'll post pictures next week of the Coconut Monkey in full party mode :)


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lynda said...

Happy Anniversary! (I'd love to see a picture of your tiki bar!)