Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Rock, Part II

Ok, that post was getting way too long, so here is the knitting related portion of our road trip adventure :D

As you can see first off, I finished my first Jaywalker sock. Actually, all I had to do was Kitchner the toe, so this was completed before we ever hit the turnpike, still in Oklahoma.

Next up: See all this yarn? This is what I packed to take with us, because I just *might* run out! Of course I packed the second ball of sock yarn for my second Jaywalker sock, which I cast on for promptly. This is Knit Picks Dancing (long discontinued).
I also packed 4 balls of Cascade 220 Heathers in Cobalt for another top down cardigan I cast on for on the trip. This is loosely based on Wendy's Something Red, but it is a different row and stitch gauge, and I'm throwing in a bit of a pattern to make the stockinette interesting. I think I cast on and ripped this out three times before I was finally happy with it the fourth.
Finally, I brought 2 balls of fingering weight, 250 yards plus, yarn for a non-car friendly Debbie Bliss toddler cardigan. Just in case I blew through the sock, the 880 yards of Cascade 220, plus the umpteen books and magazines I also packed for the four hour car trip.
And this picture? This shows how much knitting I actually did on the trip. Cast on for second Jitterbug and worked ribbing; Cast on, ripped, cast on again for blue cardi, worked about three inches (the rest worked since we got home); and added 4 rows to the existing 16 on the DB cardigan. I've added a few more since returning home as well.
All in all, it was a really fun trip, other than coming back with a killer sinus infection. We are packing up again tomorrow for a much shorter, one day trip, so I don't think I'll take quite as much yarn.
Happy Fathers' Day!


Procrastiknitter said...

Wow Penny, looks like a great time! The sock looks great. I LOVE the bright color! One of yours?

Ilix said...

Love the sock!!! Too bad it's a discontinued yarn! I pack my hobbies like you do..... lots for the 5 hour car ride! LOL