Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mostly Finished

Well, I finally finished the Mystery Stole 3, or Swan Lake, late last night. I hope to block it in the next couple of days. I like to take a picture before blocking because the before and after never fails to amaze me. This is the carpet in my office, by the way, and is pretty close to the actual color. Nice? Actually, I'm getting used to it. We will be moving to a new office in a few months, and from what we've seen of the architect's drawings and the carpet and tile samples, it should be gorgeous. Construction isn't complete on the building yet, but we are tentatively scheduled to move at the end of November.

The yarn for my next project is still on back order, so I have picked up the Debbie Bliss cardigan again; in fact, I may go ahead and finish it before Sweetpea outgrows it. I finally have a picture to post. The book is out of print, but I've seen it occasionally on eBay, and I'm sure there's a LYS here or there that has a copies still. The book is Sirdar #275, Baby Knits, and they are all Debbie Bliss designs. I am using white, but I am also using a washable yarn :) I'm about 45 rows up the back, or 5 inches or so. I did end up charting the instructions for the back, after Kat charted the 3 different stitch patterns (thanks again, Kat!), and it is going much faster. Much easier to just follow a row instead of flipping pages back and forth, trying to follow keep my place in 3 different stitch patterns at the same time!


Kat said...

Wow, the MS3 looks awesome! I can't wait to see it blocked.

That sweater is ADORABLE!! I LOVE it!!

Minnie~Knits said...

Ok, I know this sounds extreme, but that little sweater is the most gorgeous pattern I've ever seen! It looks cute from the front AND the back, adorable!
I mean I want to knit it, and I don't even have a child. I don't even want a child. But I would consider making it for a gift I suppose.
Things like this will be SO much easier to keep track of, once I achieve my Ravelry-ness.
It'll be fun to go through my bookmarks and queue projects up...
Nice job on your Swan Lake mystery shawl, can't wait to see how it blocks!

tj said...

Can't wait to meet Swan Lake blocked! At least you have carpet in your office ;-). Also love the wee cardie, that looks like a fun knit.

Robin said...

That baby cardi is *so* cute!! Can't wait to see that one.