Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Weekend Update

It was a nice, quiet weekend for the most part, although I got little knitting done. I checked last night, and I still have 16 rows left on my Mystery Stole 3. (I guess I can start calling it Swan Lake, since the theme was revealed.) My yarn for the Tilted Duster is apparently still on back order, so no pressure from a new project to hurry up an finish the stole. BTW, I will be using the called for yarn, Berroco Peruvia, in the Acquamarina colorway. In the meantime, I've joined the KAL for the cardigan!

I also picked up the Debbie Bliss Sailor Collar Cardigan again, no knitting, but I did figure out where I was in the pattern. I ended up charting the entire back since it was too hard following 3 different charts at the same time, plus remembering to cable every other right side row. If I finish Swan Lake before my Peruvia yarn is here, I'll start working on the DB cardi again. I need to anyway, as Sweetpea is visibly growing every day!

I had a nice little allergy attack Saturday, and slept much of the day. Now the allergies seem to have settled down, except for in my left eye, which is very puffy and is constantly watering. Nice. I did managed to think out my Bloglines some, but am still woefully behind. I just can't delete them with out reading, as I might miss something really interesting!

Oh, one other thing I did this weekend - I'm shopping for a new camera. I've decided I want my own camera instead of a shared one - no more hunting for the camera, and I'll be able to fool around with it anytime and hopefully improve my skills. I think I've narrowed it down to a particular model Sony Cybershot, 7.2 mp. I really liked the menu on it. Now I'm just shopping for the best price. I'll give more details if I end up getting this one.

Have a great Tuesday!

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